Matthew and Kelly Stafford Reveal Devastating Loss

Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly are mourning the loss of a family member. This week, Kelly went to Instagram to announce the death of their dog Marley. In the post, Kelly revealed that Marley "filled Matthew's side of the bed" when he first "left for the NFL."

"Why is it such a surprise and so hard? Dogs aren't supposed to outlive us, we know it when we make them part of our family. So why does it feel like it's never coming?" Kelly wrote in the post. "I woke up this morning without a face in front of me that I've been used to waking up to for the past 13 years," she continued. "The room didn't feel as warm or cozy. I sat up and saw the empty dog bed at my side and the tears started rolling again." 

Kelly continued: "She immediately filled Matthew's side of the bed. She became my pillow, not just when sleeping, but also the pillow I used that collected all my tears.. her fur was soaked far too often by my tears, but she never seemed to mind. "I'm devastated and this house just doesn't feel as full as it once did," Kelly concluded the post. "Thank you, Marley, for loving me unconditionally no matter how many mistakes I made. Thank you for filling my life with love and joy for the past 13 years. I love you so much and miss you more than you could ever understand."

In another tribute, Kelly shared photos of Marley with her and Stafford's four daughters. "Before your sisters came, you were what made us a family. You were always there for me." Kelly wrote. "And once your sisters came, the only thing that changed is the amount of love you received and the amount of love you gave away. You were the best dog. We love you, Marley. Rest In Peace baby girl."


The news of Marley comes nearly three months after Stafford led the Los Angeles Rams to a Super Bowl victory. The veteran quarterback joined the Rams last year after spending the last 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions. In March, Stafford signed a four-year, $160 million contract with the Rams.