Matt Hardy's Wife Reby Goes After 'Edgelord' Wrestling Fans After Hana Kimura's Death

Reby Hardy, the wife of AEW and former WWE star Matt Hardy, had a strong reaction to Hana Kimura's death this past weekend. Kimura died by suicide and was being bullied online before her death. Reby went to Twitter on Saturday to attack people who send negative comments towards wrestlers.

"But keep on with your shit stan culture & *sassy* edgelord comments towards wrestlers. The internet is f—ing trash #RIPHanaKimura" Reby wrote. Fans were going after Reby for the tweet because of what she said about Ashley Massaro, who died one year ago. Massaro and Hardy were in a relationship before he married Reby. They got into a Twitter battle in 2018, and when Massaro died by apparent suicide by hanging, Reby posted a smiling and kissing face emoji on Twitter. Fans went after her, and she never clarified her tweet. However, she did respond to one twitter user shortly after he controversial Tweet and had this to say.

"Thx mama," Reby wrote. "People desperately trying to force me to care about something I don't give a f— about & looking for it in s— that ain't there. I'm out here tweeting about drag race but I'm fat & ugly cuz I ain't in mourning lol." When it comes to Reby's tweet about Kimura, Hardy responded to someone who asked why he doesn't defend his wife.

"Stand 100% with & have @RebyHardy's back," he wrote. "We're different & approach attacks very differently. Real-life Matt don't choose to respond to any hate/negativity, unless it's Big Money Matt heeling. Reby just pops off when people come for here. If ya poke SBK, she'll slaughter ya." The Hardy's and the entire wrestling world was in mourning over the weekend as Kimura was just starting her wrestling career. Daughter of former pro wrestler Kyoki Kimura, Hana Kimura was a member of World Wonder Ring Stardom. She won the Artist of Stardom Championship twice and the Goddess of Stardom Championship ounce. She also starred in the Netflix series Terrace House: Tokyo before her death.


Former WWE star Paige was one of the wrestlers who paid tribute to Kimura. "This breaks my heart. The Internet can be a cruel, disgusting place. RIP to this beautiful young woman," she tweeted. Paige also retweeted Simone Johnson, daughter of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who wrote Kimura was "bullied to death."