LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Reveals Entire Roster Is Registering to Vote Following George Floyd's Murder

LSU players expressed their dedication to making their voices heard in the wake of George Floyd's murder in Minneapolis. To prove this, they will be heading to the voting booths. According to head coach Ed Orgeron, the entire team is registering to vote.

The defending National Champion spoke about the decision during an appearance on ESPN's "Off the Bench" radio show on Tuesday. Orgeron said that he is working with his players to find ways to fight daily issues. One idea posed by the team's leadership committee was registering to vote. They agreed to all check-in on Tuesday and registered online.

"We had a great team meeting with our football team, and I talked to them about specific stuff that's going on in our world today, and I had a leadership committee, 12 of our guys, we got together and voice their opinion for us to come up with a solution," Orgeron said. "One of the solutions that they came up with as a group and to represent the team, that we're gonna register to vote. The guys wanted to take action."

Orgeron previously spoke about Floyd's death and its impact on the LSU locker room. He reiterated that he did not tolerate racism and explained that he had held a team meeting, his first since the COVID-19 forced the postponement of on-campus activities. Orgeron did not provide details of this meeting to Sports Illustrated, but he did say that his players have a right to voice their opinions. Orgeron also brought in a special guest, LSU Police Lt. Reggie Berry. The officer's father, Hassell Berry Jr., was LSU's first black police officer in 1968.

"My players and former players are hurting, and they let me know they're hurting," Orgeron said to Sports Illustrated. "When they're hurting, it hurts me. I love all my players like they were my own. I know some are hurting right now, and I totally support them. I will not tolerate racism, and they know it."


In addition to Orgeron's statement on ESPN Radio, other prominent figures have spoken out about the ongoing protests and systemic racism. Former LSU quarterback, the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, posted a strong message on Twitter. He said that the black community "needs our help" and that this isn't a political issue. He proclaimed that it's time to open your ears, listen and speak out. "This is human rights," Burrow tweeted.