Boxer Leon Spinks Showing 'Improvement' Despite Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Leon Spinks is currently battling prostate cancer at a Las Vegas hospital, but it looks like his health is steadily improving. TMZ spoke to one of the boxing legend's family spokesperson and he's doing a little bit better than in recent weeks. Spinks was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year and he's currently in ICU.

"Leon is currently in intensive care of a Las Vegas hospital receiving attentive medical care to suppress prostate cancer which he was diagnosed with earlier this year and has since spread to his bladder," the family spokesperson said. "The last few months have been an agonizing roller coaster for Leon and his wife, Brenda, with continuous hospital stays.

"Leon is showing small signs of improvement and progress. A miraculous fighter his entire life, we are optimistic and hopeful that he will move out of ICU soon. The power of prayer is real and his family is beyond grateful for all of the tremendous love and support."

TMZ broke the story last week of Spinks being treated for cancer and was "fighting for his life". His wife went to social media to ask fans for their support.

"Reaching out to ask you to kindly send some prayers out for my Beautiful Husband Leon so that he may overcome the obstacles that have crossed his path," she said.

Spinks is known for being one of the best heavyweight boxers of all-time. The one fight he's remembered for is beating Muhammad Ali in 1978 in one of boxing's biggest upsets. He was able to win the heavyweight title and he talked about how he was able to come up with the win.


"I was very serious during the fight," Spinks said at the time, via, "but I also had a lot of fun. He kept saying things to me, trying to make me mad, but all he did was make me laugh. It was like he was telling me jokes. One time he called me a dirty name. I said, ‘Oh, Ali, how could you say such a thing?’ Can you imagine your idol calling you a dirty name?"

Along with being a heavyweight champion, Spinks competed on the Summer Olympic games in 1976 and he won a gold medal. He retired from boxing in 1995 and finished with a record of 26-17-3.