LeBron James Is Fired up About the 'No Time to Die' Trailer

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have a Wednesday night battle against the Utah Jazz on hand, but the NBA star's attention is currently focused on something else. King James just watched the trailer for the new James Bond film. As he showed with a post on Twitter, he is extremely fired up about Daniel Craig's final time driving the Aston Martin DB5.

"MAN O MAN!!!! CAN NOT WAIT," James wrote on Twitter while retweeting the debut trailer. He also six fire emojis to truly show his excitement. "Title too," he added.

As he showed, James is one of the many on social media that had been eagerly anticipating the trailer's release. Given that Craig had announced that this would be his final time playing the role of the longtime spy, it was expected that he would go out with a bang.

Of course, James mentioning how excited he was for No Time To Die only convinced some of his fans to bring up another anticipated release. "Can't wait for Space Jam," one user wrote in reference to the upcoming basketball film that features the Lakers star.

While James didn't specifically mention what got him the most excited during his viewing session, he wasn't without options. The trailer for No Time To Die features some returning characters from the previous Craig outings, and it also brings in new friends and foes. Rami Malek, in particular, should be the big baddie from this upcoming movie, and his appearance in the trailer created a considerable number of questions.

For example, there are some that wanted to know if the star of Mr. Robot is actually Dr. No, who was the villain from the titular 1962 film that kickstarted the Bond cinematic universe. The 2015 outing, Spectre, brought about the return of the notorious Blofeld, so there are many fans that expect the fifth Craig film to do something similar.

Whether or not that happens, James has made it clear that he is completely fired up about No Time To Die, and he will certainly be heading to the movie theater upon its release. It's also possible that he will be discussing the trailer during preparations for Tuesday's game.


(Photo Credit: Garrett Ellwood/NBAE/Getty)