LeBron James Has Just 2 Words for 'Space Jam 2' Critics

LeBron James has a message for the critics who have bashed Space Jam: A New Legacy. Over the weekend Deadline reported that the Space Jam sequel that features James made $31.65 million, the best number for a Warner Bros. movie in the COIVD-19 pandemic. When James learned the news, he went to Twitter to post "Hi Haters!"

The total box office number Space Jam: A New Legacy posted is strong considering the movie can also be seen on HBO Max. Deadline says that Warner Bros. has done a good job with the TV spots leading to a strong number in the box office. The basketball film beat out Godzilla vs. Kong, which was released around Easter time. This is also the best opening for director Malcolm D. Lee, beating out the opening weekend of Girls' Trip by a slim margin.

The next step for Warner Bros. is getting Space Jam: A New Legacy to the $100 million mark. The film will be on HBO Max for 28 days before it moves strictly to theatres. In a pre-pandemic world, it wouldn't take long for a film like Space Jam 2 to reach $100 million. It wouldn't be surprising to see the film reach the goal in a couple of months it took 12 weekends for Godzilla vs. Kong to hit triple digits in gross revenue.

"This is a fictional version of myself, but it's also kind of who I am as well," James said when talking about his character in the movie. "What works so well with the character is I was able to implement a lot of the things I actually do when the camera's not on … For me, to able to produce a movie like this but also to be able to star in a movie like this is very humbling for me, just knowing where I come from."


Space Jam: A New Legacy tells the story of James playing a basketball game to get him and his family out of a digital space created by a rogue A.I. James recruits the Looney Tunes characters to help him win a game that is very different from what he has played in the NBA.