Kyle Brandt Opens up About Nate Burleson Leaving 'Good Morning Football' for 'CBS Mornings' (Exclusive)

Good Morning Football launched in 2016 with Kyle Brandt, Nate Burleson, Peter Schrager and Kay Adams as the co-hosts. But earlier this month, Burleson left the show to be part of another morning show — CBS Mornings. recently caught up with Brandt, who opened up about not having Burleson on the show regularly. 

"We're just getting used to it, you know?" Brandt told "Nate is one of my favorite people in the world. I got my family and then right outside that, there's Nate. It sounds like such a cliche, but he did feel like he was my brother. And so it's really tough and it also is kind of like a band, and we had these four people that founded the band, and we had some hits, and we toured, and now one of them is leaving the band. So, we have to turn into, in so many ways, a trio. We got to be The Police or Rush or Destiny's Child."

Burleson, who played in the NFL as a wide receiver for 11 seasons, joins Gayle King and Tony Dokoupil as the co-hosts of CBS Mornings. He has been with CBS since 2017, joining the NFL on the CBS team as a studio analyst for The NFL Today during the NFL season. His work on CBS and the NFL Network led to him winning a Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Studio Analyst this year. 

Does this mean Burleson is looking to be the next Michael Strahan? "He's not going to be like Michael Strahan, he's going to be the first Nate Burleson," Brandt explained. "And I know Strahan a little bit. I've interviewed him. I love him. He's got a massive amount of talent, charisma, and everything. Nate is his own different type of species. We joked with him a lot. We busted his chops a lot when he was leaving Good Morning Football. You know, 'Nate, how are you going to go from talking about Dak Prescott to talking about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan? That's a little bit of a shift, don't you think?'" 

Burleson has made a name for himself in the media world, and with him being on CBS every weekday morning, he will only get bigger as the years go by. "Nate could do anything," Brandt stated. "You could drop him into a political show, a sitcom, a courtroom drama, or C-SPAN, and he will charm everyone in the room and probably win an Emmy. People will be saying from years from now, 'Who's going to be the next Nate Burleson?'