Kobe Bryant Celebration of Life Jumbotron Photos from Inside Staples Center Revealed

A big celebration of life memorial in honor of Kobe Bryant is kicking off in Los Angeles today, and now we have some photos of the Jumbotron from inside Staples Center, where the event is being held. In a photo posted to Twitter, a fan shared a snapshot of the massive screens, which are displaying photos of Bryant. The photo also shows the stage where various people from Bryant's life will be speaking, and there also appear to be instruments set up for some musical performances.

The memorial service was scheduled to begin around 10 a.m. local time, but it was recently announced that it would be delayed by about 30 minutes. It can be streamed here, through CBS News.

In addition to Bryant, the service will also honor his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, both of whom perished in a tragic helicopter crash on Jan. 26.

In a tweet, journalist Shaheem Reid shared a few details about the memorial, saying, "The #StaplesCenter is just about filled up. People are still filing in. The ceremony for #KobeandGianna is about to start."

He continued: "They will get a tremendous sendoff today. Many Artists, athletes and other entertainers will be in attendance and / or participating today."

Many Twitter users have since been taking to the social media site to honor Bryant as the memorial gets started, with one person writing, "Currently live streaming the memorial at work. Everyone in the building is Live streaming it, Kobe definitely remains in everyone's heart."

"#KOBE I just want to thank you again for inspiring millions upon millions of people globally including myself. You will never be forgotten your positive impact on society was definitely left," commented someone else.


"I'm at work watching the news about Kobe and Gigi's memorial and I'm ready to cry. This is the saddest loss Los Angeles has ever dealt with," tweeted one last fan.