Kobe Bryant Celebration of Life: Beyonce Consoling Vanessa Bryant Has Fans Overrun With Emotions

Many emotional, heart-wrenching images surfaced from the Staples Center on Monday during the Celebration of Life memorial honoring Kobe Bryant. Vanessa Bryant delivered a powerful eulogy along with some touching stories during the tribute. She was seen being helped off stage by Michael Jordan, who also was seen breaking down during his speech.

Another heartfelt scene took place when Vanessa was seen being comforted by Beyonce, who had opened the ceremony by performing "Halo" and "XO." The embrace took place during Jordan's speech in which he revealed that he had lost a piece of himself with the passing of Bryant. Beyonce first placed her hand on Vanessa's shoulder before the two held hands during Jordan's message.

The moment hit many viewers in the feels as they took to social media to express their emotions.

"Saw that video of beyoncé consoling vanessa bryant video on my [timeline] three times in a row and it gets me everytime," one user tweeted.

Another wrote on Twitter, "If there’s anyone that deserves Beyoncé’s comforting hand on their shoulder, it’s Vanessa Bryant. Whew, that woman showed us the meaning of the word strength today."

While many were appreciative of the support shown by the "Irreplaceable" singer during the moment, some felt Beyonce, who reportedly had her team inform photographers that no photos were to be taken of her during her performance, was taking headlines she shouldn't have. To that, many were quick to respond that the Bryant's had been good friends with Beyonce for many years.

In addition to Beyonce's performance, Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys also took to the stage to perform.


In total, the Staples Center saw approximately 20,000 people attend the memorial. Those in attendance saw firsthand the emotional eulogy issued by Vanessa Bryant, to which she broke down when discussing her late husband who she referred to as her "everything."

"He was the most amazing husband," Bryant said. "Kobe loved me more than I could ever express or put into words. I was fire. He was ice. Vice versa at times."