Wrestler Killer Kelly Reveals Concerning Health Issue

Killer Kelly is taking some time away from the ring. The 29-year-old pro wrestler went to Twitter to announce she is taking the rest of the year off due to health issues. She revealed that she is having problems breathing and made it clear that it wasn't related to COVID-19.

"Since coming back to wrestling, I've noticed that something is off," she wrote. "I tried my best to hide it, mainly because I wasn't understanding what was happening. And because I wanted to keep on wrestling. Thankfully, none of you picked [up] on it. And only my opponents knew what was happening." 

"I've been having a lot of trouble breathing to the point that I couldn't take a breath," she added. "And no, this isn't COVID related because I've never had it/don't have it. It's "just" me being not capable of breathing. So with that said I've pulled away from all my wrestling commitments for the year and I'm going to take some time away to fix my nose and my breathing. I didn't want to do this but health should come first."

Kelly has not competed for most of the year but recently was in action in September, wrestling for Black Label Pro and Beyond Wrestling, according to the Wrestling Observer. In 2020, Kelly competed in Impact Wrestling, teaming up with Renee Michelle in the Impacts Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament. She also took on Kimber Lee in the November 24 episode of Impact! and lost. Before joining Impact Wrestling, Kelly spent time in WWE participating in the 2018 United Kingdom Championship Tournament. She also competed in the 2018 Mae Young Classic, losing to Meiko Satomura in the first round. She was released by WWE in January 2020. 


"I learned a lot by being there, the good and the bad," Kelly said on the Wild On With Taylor Wilde show talking about her time in WWE, via Inside the Ropes. "Now I can be my own self, my own person, and stand up for what I want because of that. By the end I was just like, okay, I'm happy but I'm unhappy. I think it's time to move on."