J.R. Smith's Wife Jewel Harris Accuses Him of Cheating on Her With 'The Flash' Star Candice Patton

NBA star JR Smith was recently accused by his wife, Jewel Harris, of having an affair. She made these allegations on Tuesday amid a prayer posted to Instagram. During the 10-minute video, she asked God to forgive Smith, as well as a woman named "Candice." Harris did not specifically say Candice's last name, but rumors have swirled about an alleged relationship between Smith and Candice Patton, who stars in the CW's The Flash.

"God is mad wild," Harris said on Instagram. "There's a lot going on ... Help me, God. So, as I was taking Demi to school, God was like 'Yeah, you gonna pray and you're gonna post it.'"

Smith and Harris have been married since April 2016. They have a daughter together in Dakota, 2. They also share daughters Peyton and Demi from previous relationships.

"God, I would like to lift my husband up and ask you, Lord Father God, to please just cover him with your blood," Harris continued. "I ask in the mighty name of Jesus that you go to him where he is right now and you shake him up, God. You shake him up and you stir him up."

In the video, Harris talked about how the woman named Candice had sought out a married man. She also asked for mercy for Candice after she had taken this relationship with Smith.

"My husband, he's hurting and Candice, Lord Father God, she's hurting," Harris said. "For her to go out here, Lord Father God, and seek a married man, Father God, I just pray that you give her grace and mercy through all of this. I lift her up."

Smith and Patton were seen together at a Halloween party earlier this year, which created the rumors of their alleged relationship. Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan posted a video of the two dressed in their costumes, which surfaced on Instagram.

To add further information to the allegations, Smith was seen on Instagram Live with a dog that many said was "identical" to Patton's. This led to users on social media coming to the conclusion that Smith and the Flash star were together.


The long prayer posted on Instagram appears to have confirmed this news, and users on social media are weighing in. However, Smith has also joined the conversation, saying that he and Harris have been separated for months and he doesn't understand why Harris didn't mention that.

(Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus/Getty)