Jose Canseco Floats Plan to Replace Police with Robots, Run for President Amid George Floyd Protests

There are ongoing discussions about police brutality and systemic racism following George Floyd's murder in Minneapolis. Former baseball player Jose Canseco is among those seeking the best path forward, and he recently threw out a few ideas. He wants to become president and then create a robot army.

Canseco tweeted a series of ideas on Friday for bringing about change in America. He first said that he would become the president and then create a robot army that will cleanse the world of corruption. Canseco later tweeted that we need to replace the "corrupt police and military" with a robotic version. Finally, the two-time World Series champion called for assistance in bringing about his presidential campaign and asked for donations.

"All we need is a dollar from everyone in this country who wants change to finance my running for president," Canseco wrote. Several Twitter users responded by calling this campaign a "pyramid scheme." Others simply said that Canseco is committing highway robbery.

Canseco did not clarify the seriousness of his tweets, but many users responded with jokes. One said that he should ask for a nickel from everyone on earth instead of one dollar from residents of the United States of America. With this money, they said he could "run for king of Earth."

While the former MLB star is thinking about ways he can replace the police force, others are searching for more immediate options. For example, former UFC star Ronda Rousey called for police oversight in the immediate aftermath of Floyd's murder. She said that this is a human rights issue and that citizens should not be treated in this manner by those they pay to protect them.

"This is a violation of trust that may never be mended," Rousey wrote on Instagram. "I have close friends who are amazing cops and I'm sure they are just as horrified at this atrocity — The individuals behind George Floyd's death need to be tried and convicted of murder. WE need to address the police's systemic willful ignorance to the abuses of the power we give them. Self-regulation isn't working, we need outside unbiased parties overseeing the police and holding them accountable for the benefit of us all!!"

Similarly, Dwayne Johnson posted a passionate video on Instagram about Floyd's murder and President Donald Trump. He asked, "where is our leader" during this time when the country is down on its knees, "begging to be heard." Johnson also explained the difference between Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter, saying that the social movement does not diminish the worth of other races.