Jose Canseco Agrees to Boxing Match Against Barstool Sports Intern

Former MLB player Jose Canseco just unveiled his plans for Super Bowl weekend. He has agreed to a boxing match and will face off with Barstool Sports intern Billy Football. The two men will enter the ring and tap mitts during the outlet's "Rough 'N Rowdy" boxing event.

The Pardon My Take podcast posted a video on Instagram that confirmed the upcoming bout. "February 5, I'm beating Jose Canseco's a— at 'Rough 'N Rowdy,'" Billy Football said in the brief video. The "Stone Cold" Steve Austin music kicked in while the intern tried to crack open two beers and spray them everywhere on camera. "I'm not drinking until the fight," he added after successfully opening the cans.

In addition to dropping the video on Instagram, Pardon My Take said during Wednesday's episode that the fight is official. The hosts said that the paperwork has been signed. Canseco and Billy Football will meet on Feb. 5 in West Virginia.

"There's a very good chance he dies in the ring," Billy Football said, per TMZ Sports. "I would commit manslaughter, I wouldn’t commit murder. For the record, I have no intent to kill him." TMZ Sports also spoke to Canseco, who said that the fight is a warmup for a YouTuber.

"Logan Paul, I am coming for you after I wreck this guy," Canseco told the outlet. The former MLB player has repeatedly called out Paul after the YouTuber split up with his daughter, Josie Canseco, and revealed the news on his channel. Now Canseco has plans on facing off with his daughter's ex after fighting a Barstool Sports intern.


Canseco spent the majority of his 17-year baseball career with the Oakland A's, earning All-Star honors four times from 1985-1992. He returned to the Bay Area in 1998 and won a World Series with the A's. Canseco added another Wold Series to his resume in 2000 as a member of the New York Yankees. The 1988 American League MVP also spent time with the Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox prior to walking away from the sport of baseball.

Since retiring from MLB, Canseco has dabbled in other athletic pursuits. He took part in an MMA match against South Korean star Hong-man Choi in 2009, losing in the first round by TKO. He also agreed to participate in a wrestling match for World Class Revolution in November 2019, but the organizer ultimately canceled the event.