Jacksonville Jaguars Play Sam Darnold 'Highlights' Over 'Ghostbusters' Theme

Heading into Sunday's battle with the New York Jets, the Jacksonville Jaguars were playing up the "seeing ghosts" comment that quarterback Sam Darnold had made during a loss to the New England Patriots. The mascot, Jaxson de Ville, showed up to the stadium in a ghost costume to drive the point home, but that was not the only moment. The Jaguars also played the Ghostbusters theme during the late stages of the game.

In this moment, which was revealed on social media, the fans began to celebrate the impending victory at TIAA Bank Field. With roughly two minutes remaining, the Jaguars began to show highlights of Darnold's interceptions, as well as the defense's sacks, while the theme from the 1984 movie played over the loudspeakers.

Darnold ultimately threw three interceptions during the loss, including two late in the fourth quarter, that factored into the 29-15 loss on the road.

"Two of my worst games ever," Darnold said following the loss on Sunday. "It's hard, but at the same time, we just gotta come back to work next week."

At 1-6, the New York Jets are in third place in the AFC East and have fallen out of playoff contention. This team no longer has an opportunity to reach the postseason, barring a historic nine-game winning streak to finish out the season. Instead, they will simply be playing for pride and in hopes of ruining games for the remaining opponents.

Additionally, this stretch to finish the season will be another opportunity for Darnold to continue proving to first-year head coach Adam Gase that he is the man that should lead this franchise for the future. The former Dolphins coach in Gase saw Darnold in action during the 2018 season, but evaluating him as the franchise guy is a different matter entirely.

As the Arizona Cardinals proved by trading Josh Rosen and selecting Kyler Murray in the 2019 NFL Draft, new head coaches aren't necessarily tied to the first-round quarterback that is under center when they take over. If Gase does not like what Darnold does in his second year, there is a scenario in which he parts ways with the signal-caller and looks for another option in the upcoming QB class.


Granted, that is yet to be determined, and Darnold will have another nine games to prove that he can rebound from these past two games and lead this team to some success.

(Photo Credit: James Gilbert/Getty)