High School Football Coach Accuses Indianapolis Colts of Ripping off New Logo

The Indianapolis Colts have made changes to their uniforms and logo for the 2020 season. The uniform changes are not drastic, and the team just added a new secondary logo. But one high school football coach believes the Colts stole the logo from him. Jere Kubuske, went to Twitter to show the logo from Cathedral High School in 2017. The Colts went with a rustic "C" as their secondary logo, which is exactly what Cathedral went with.

In the first Tweet, Kubukse "thanked" the Colts for ripping off his logo, and he said he lives in Wisconsin, but he's happy he can still contribute in Indiana. In another Tweet, Kubuske answered the question of how the Colts would have known to rip off the logo. He wrote: And for those wondering how the @Colts would have seen it, we tagged them regularly in posts because of using their facilities, playing in their stadium, a for@we players coaches at Cathedral, and one of our alumni @doylejack84 plays for them!!"

The Colts have not commented on the issue as of this writing, but since it's a secondary logo, it likely won't be used very much. The horseshoe will continue to be the primary logo, and it will be seen on their home field and helmets. Once the logos were released Colts vice chair and owner Carlie Irsay-Gordan explained why they made the move.

"The Horseshoe remains our most iconic and timeless mark, worn by some of the greatest players in NFL history and loved by some of football's greatest fans, Colts Nation," she said. "These new logos – particularly our new Indiana logo – honor our rich history, cement our real and lasting connection to Indiana and embrace the exciting future that lies ahead."


The Colts have had the horseshoe logo for 67 years, which dates back to their days in Baltimore. The new "C" logo is also called "Indiana," and the team describes it as "The outline of the state of Indiana is carved out of the 'C' from the Colts' new word mark to honor the team's home state and community. The new secondary mark will be used to complement the Horseshoe and will be featured on fan gear and subtly integrated into the Colts uniform design."