Impact Wrestling Star Jordynne Grace Explains Why Company Doesn't Get a 'Fair Shake' (Exclusive)

Jordynne Grace is one of the faces of Impact Wrestling as she is currently the Knockouts Champion. And while Impact just celebrated its 20th anniversary, Grace has some big goals for the company going forward. In an exclusive interview with, Grace talked about Impact doesn't get the credit it deserves. 

"The main goal I have at Impact Wrestling now is just to bring more eyes to it," Grace exclusively told PopCulture. "I don't think that IMPACT is getting a fair shake, to be honest with you. We haven't had a bad Pay Per View in a long, long time. And our TV product is definitely up there with a WWE. And I think if fans give IMPACT a chance, they would see that."

WWE and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) are the two biggest professional wrestling organizations in the country largely because of their TV deals. WWE is seen on multiple networks and the streaming service Peacock. AEW has its shows on TBS and TNT. Impact Wrestling airs on AXS TV every Thursday and is available to 50 million households. Over the years, Impact had had its share of challenges and came close to shutting down. But now the promotion is on steady ground and features some of the top wrestlers in the world, including Grace who is the first Knockouts Triple Crown Champion in Impact history. 

And when Grace was growing up she looked up to a few WWE legends. "I always loved wrestling as a kid," she said. "I'm not a hundred percent sure what made me want to get into pro wrestling. I just knew it was something that was awesome and I wanted to do it. People I looked up to as a kid when I was first watching was Chyna ... was one of them, definitely, for sure, during Attitude Era. 


"She was just so different than everybody else during that time, so unique. And then a little bit later on, Natalya and Beth Phoenix definitely topped my list. I always gravitated towards those stronger women." There's no telling what the future holds for Impact since pro wrestling can be unpredictable. But as long as Grace is part of the company, the sky is the limit for what Impact can achieve.