Impact Wrestling Star Jordynne Grace Talks Making History With Company (Exclusive)

Jordynne Grace won the Impact Knockouts Championship for the second time in her career at Slammiversary this past weekend. It's no big surprise to see Grace to be on top again as she's the first female in Impact Wrestling to be a Triple Crown Champion. In an exclusive interview with Grace talks talk about making history in her four years at Impact. 

"I don't know what I thought when I first got to Impact, Grace exclusively told PopCulture. "I was honestly just trying to keep up with everybody and not step on any toes when I first got there, but I don't think I ever expected to make as much history as I have here. Like, I feel like I've grown so much as a wrestler since being here. And I just tried to take everybody's advice that they were giving me from my first day at Impact to now. And I've completely reinvented myself, to be honest with you. I took advice from Gail Kim, Tommy Dreamer, Scott D'Amore. Anybody who offered me advice, I just took it and ran with it. And I think that is how I became the wrestler I am today."

Along with being a Triple Crown Champion in Impact, Grace won the Knockouts Championship on the 20th anniversary of the promotion. Grace said winning during a special moment for Impact was " the coolest experience"  and is ready to have a bigger run than what she had over two years ago. 

"The first run I had, I won it in the beginning of January 2020, and then we basically immediately went into the pandemic and everything got shut down," Grace said. "So I didn't get to defend the title in front of fans. I think I defended it one time in front of fans and then we just immediately went into lockdown. So I mostly just had title defenses and I lost the title in front of no fans. So that sucked for me, but this time is going to be completely different."

This weekend, Grace will be in Atlanta for two Impact Wrestling events. On Friday, the company is hosting Against All Odds, which will air on Impact Plus and YouTube for Impact Ultimate Insiders at 8 p.m. ET. On Saturday, Impact will host Southern Hostility, and that will air on an upcoming episode of Impact's flagship show Impact on AXS TV. Both shows will take place at Center Stage in Atlanta.

"It's going to be awesome. It's going to be very special," Grace said. "I wrestled there for the first time this year, actually, and it immediately became my favorite place to wrestle, for GCW against Allie Kat, and it was awesome. So I'm super excited to be doing that for my home promotion and for the Knockouts title."