Impact Wrestling Champion Josh Alexander Talks Feeling 'Most Pressure' at 'Slammiversary' (Exclusive)

Josh Alexander took his career to new heights when he faced Eric Young at Slammiversary in June and successfully defended the Impact World Championship. And while Alexander was excited about competing in the main event of Impact Wrestling's 20th-anniversary show, he admitted to being very nervous about the entire situation. In an exclusive interview with, Alexander talked about feeling the pressure of putting on a good show. 

"I always say that when the pressures at its highest, I rise to the occasion," Alexander exclusively told PopCulture. "I seem to embrace it. And that Slammiversary main event, I don't know why in particular, more so than Rebellion challenging for the world championship or anything like that, but it felt like the big, most pressure I've ever felt in my career. I had the most nerves I've had in a very long time. And I think it might be because it was the culmination of the first 20 years, the celebration of the first 20 years. And then the kicking-off point for the next 20 years, I took that all very seriously."

Alexander continued: "There was a lot of history-making matches on the show and to go there in the main event and try to follow everything that was on it. There was a great deal of nerves. And then again, somebody like Eric Young that I respect so much. And when that three count hit at the end of the match, I was extremely relieved and happy because there were so many moving parts in that match so much that went on and I was so happy that it went so well."

Alexander is now getting ready to compete in Dallas at Lone Star Stampede on Friday and Saturday. As of this writing, Alexander doesn't have an opponent for the event which will be held at The Factory in Deep Ellum. But he's ready to be back in Dallas since he has some history in the city. 

"It's always exciting to come back to Dallas with this crowd here, especially at The Factory, Alexander said. "My first title defense was that Slammiversary here for pay-per-view. There's a lot of pressure in that match. And then you think of Hard To Kill, both a few years back and then Hard To Kill this past January, where really that was the biggest match after everything that occurred with me and Moose, on my climb back to getting to Moose. Me going one on one with Jonah in front of that crowd. It's always fun to be back in Dallas."