Hunter Renfrow, Mike Glennon Talk 'The Bachelorette' at Oakland Raiders Practice

NFL training camps are in session and players are focused on getting better in anticipation of a new season. All conversations should be centered around the playbook and the practice sessions, but two members of the Oakland Raiders are finding time to discuss the hottest reality TV gossip.

Wednesday afternoon, the Instagram account for HBO's Hard Knocks posted a video of rookie wide receiver Hunter Renfrow and backup quarterback Mike Glennon throwing passes with some of their teammates. Fairly standard football activities on the surface, but they were actually discussing the season finale of ABC's "The Bachelorette."

"[Did] you watch the final episode last night?" Renfrow asked during practice.

"I caught the last few minutes, actually," Glennon responded after asking for clarification of which show was being discussed. "I caught the very end. Do you have it recorded at home?"

"Did [record it], but don't tell me," Renfrow countered. "Cami [Renfrow's wife][Camilla Martin] told me. Yeah, she kinda told me. She told me back like a month ago who won. Then a couple of weeks ago, she said, 'Oh wait, someone else won.' Because someone else had a girlfriend or something."

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Who would get your final rose: @hunterrenfrow or @MikeGlennon8? 😅 #HardKnocksNow | #TheBacheloretteFinale

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The Bachelorette may be looked down upon by those that don't enjoy reality television, but these two Oakland Raiders couldn't help but discuss the show. Sure, they ended the conversation by referring to The Bachelorette as "guilty pleasure drama," but the pair appear to be unabashed fans.

The reason that this moment was captured on camera is that the Oakland Raiders will be featured on the latest season of HBO's Hard Knocks. NFL Films has a 32-person camera crew in Napa, California to capture every moment of training camp and the days leading up to the regular season. No conversation is safe from the prying eyes of the crew.


Glennon and Renfrow may have wanted to keep their conversation about The Bachelorette private in order to avoid any teasing from their teammates and coaches, but that is no longer an option. If NFL Films sees an intriguing storyline or humorous moment arrive, they will post it on social media or include it in an episode.

If discussions about The Bachelorette are being given away on social media for free, what is being held back for premium cable? The latest season of Hard Knocks premieres on Aug. 6 on HBO, which will provide the much-anticipated answer.