Hulk Hogan Suffers Embarrassing Mic Fail on 'WWE Raw' 30th Anniversary Special

Hulk Hogan returned to WWE on Monday night and things did not go according to plan. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer kicked off WWE Raw's 30th-anniversary show with Jimmy Hart, and as Hogan was talking to the fans, his mic cut off multiple times. This led to WWE officials racing to get Hogan a new mic to finish his promo. The good thing is Hogan finished strong as he mentioned the Philadelphia Eagles to the people in Philadelphia. 

Fans had some interesting things to say about Hogan's mic fail. "Why do you start the show like that?" one person wrote. "Embarrassing. It's already going downhill from that. The women's match was so bad and now I see everyone's point. These are The cons."

Another person wrote: "I couldn't watch it. They have been on the air for 30 years and within the first 10 minutes Hulk Hogan didn't have a mic that properly worked. I didn't really care what he had to say, it's the fact that they have been on the air so long yet they still f— up."

Hogan is not the only legend that made an appearance during the 30th-anniversary special. Other stars who appeared were Kurt Angle, the Road Dogg, Ron Simmons, X-Pac, Teddy Long Shawn Michaels, Jerry Lawler, Ric Flair, and even The Undertaker. The show was all about paying homage to WWE Raw as it premiered on the USA Network on Jan. 11, 1993. Raw has become a staple for Monday night television as it started as a one-hour show. It's now three hours long and shown in 10 different nationals. 

When Raw first aired, Hogan was in the prime of his career. But was also on his way out as he left WWE later in the year for WCW. He returned to WWE in 2002 with Kevin Nash and Scot Hall to bring back NWO. Before Hogan's appearance on Monday night, the last time was seen on WWE TV was in March 2021 when he hosted WrestleMania 37 with Titus O'Neal. In his WWE career, Hogan won the WWE Championship six times and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005 and 2020 (member of NWO).