How Kobe Bryant Was Remembered at UFC 247

In the days and weeks following Kobe Bryant's untimely passing, the athlete has been remembered by his family, friends, and fans around the world alike. On Feb. 8, during UFC 247, Kobe, his daughter Gianna Bryant, and the seven others who died in the Jan. 26 helicopter crash were remembered in a touching tribute, as ESPN noted.

Before UFC 247, which took place in Houston on Saturday night, the UFC organization took time to honor Kobe, who was actually a UFC investor.

"Kobe was a basketball legend and a hero to millions," the announcer began to tell the crowd about Kobe, while an image of him and Gianna appeared on the jumbotron. "He was a media star and successful entrepreneur. He was a business partner of the UFC and an advocate for our sport and its athletes. Perhaps most importantly though, he was a devoted family man, adoring husband and father of four."

"On that fateful day, Kobe was traveling with 13-year-old Gianna to her basketball game, joined by two of her teammates, three of their parents, an assistant coach, and the pilot," the announcement continued, with the camera panning to the jumbotron screen, where the nine names of the victims could be seen. "He was a global sports icon just being a dad and along with his companions supporting the dreams of their children and the next generation of athletes."

They then called for a nine-second moment of silence in honor of the nine lives tragically lost as a result of the accident.

Prior to the event, UFC president Dana White spoke to TMZ where he opened up about how the organization would be honoring Kobe.

"You look at Kobe the basketball player right? Then the guy that won an Oscar and all of the other things that this guy has accomplished in his life,"; White told TMZ. "Well, also, he was one of the big investors in BodyArmor, a company that's a sponsor of the UFC. He was also an investor in the UFC."

Apparently, Kobe recently received a check from the UFC in the days before his untimely passing, as White related.


"Kobe got a distribution [check] from the UFC the Wednesday before the incident and he was so pumped up and excited," he continued, adding, "He said what everybody always says, 'I wish I had invested more!'"

"He was a great dude, he was apart of this company," the UFC president said. "Kobe Bryant was a good guy in every way that you could possibly be a good guy."