How David Beckham Celebrated His 45th Birthday

Soccer star David Beckham turned 45 years old on May 2, but was unable to go out and celebrate in [...]

Soccer star David Beckham turned 45 years old on May 2, but was unable to go out and celebrate in public. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in him being in lockdown with his family, so they improvised. Here's how they celebrated the former soccer star's big day.

According to multiple posts on Instagram, the day started with his Beckham's son, Cruz, bringing him breakfast in bed. He ate a bacon and egg sandwich that included a different condiment on the side. Cruz squirted the words, "love you" on to the plate with ketchup. While Beckham ate, his wife, Victoria, wrapped his presents with specialty paper.

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Instead of simply using wrapping paper that featured candles, cakes text, Victoria opted for a more personalized look. The presents wore blue wrapping that included Beckham's head all over the design. Victoria didn't simply use the same Beckham head, however, as each present had a different face in the design.

"So it's David's birthday and we're just setting out all the presents and I have to say, this wrapping paper I'm obsessed with it," Victoria wrote in her post. "Love customising presents." Her photos also included several laughing face emojis to show her delight with the design.

Romeo, 17, posted a message to Beckham in celebration of his big day. He included three photos of them together, including one where they were enjoying nature. Another photo showed Beckham warmly embracing Romeo while clutching a whiskey glass in one hand.

"Happy birthday dad I love you so so so so much and hope you have the best day [black heart emoji] sorry for being officially taller than you now," Romeo wrote on Instagram. While the photos showcased various stages of their life together, one did certainly prove that Romeo is taller than his father.

Of course, no birthday is complete without fun and games. Cruz showed this with a photo of his father playing "Pac-Man" on a classic arcade machine. The soccer star wore a pair of pink pants and a matching shirt, and he was staring intently at the game. Cruz revealed that his father was attempting to beat his high score.

The son did not reveal if Beckham was successful, but the family made the celebration appear successful. Between the breakfast in bed, the custom wrapping paper and the arcade game, the retired soccer star enjoyed turning 45. Although he never revealed if he dipped the breakfast sandwich in the ketchup.