Here's What Johnny Manziel Is Up to Now

Following the Cleveland Browns cutting ties with former first-round quarterback Johnny Manziel, there have been questions about where he went and if he is coming back to the NFL. He hasn't taken a snap since 2015 and hasn't really been heard from in the years since. Yes, Manziel has made various headlines over that time period, but what has he really been doing?

Currently, Manziel is serving as a spokesperson for Direct Auto Insurance. Along with Tonya Harding and rapper Fat Joe, the former NFL quarterback is striving to provide coverage for all those who need it.

Interestingly enough, his commercial actually references the fact that "Johnny Football" has been in situations in which he didn't know if he would be receiving a paycheck. This is accurate considering that he has been a part of three professional football leagues but has lost his job on very short notice each time.

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Following a two-year stint with the Browns, Manziel actually headed north and joined the Canadian Football League. He spent time with both the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Montreal Alouettes but was ultimately removed from the league after missing several required meetings.

Manziel did return to professional football in 2019, joining the Memphis Express of the short-lived Alliance of American Football. However, he was only present for two games before the league ceased operations in early April.

As of October, Manziel has not received an opportunity to make a comeback, but that doesn't mean he has stopped trying. There are several posts on his Instagram profile that show him working out and trying to remain prepared in the event that an NFL team will give him a call. There is also a scenario in which he joins the XFL, but that has not happened just yet.

With the Cleveland Browns struggling through the 2019 campaign, there are questions about whether or not this offensive lineup and coaching staff are ready to compete in the division, as well as in the AFC. However, there are those that cheer "Here We Go Brownies Here We Go! - Woof! Woof!" that can remember a time before Baker Mayfield.

The former first-round pick in Manziel is a representation of an era in which the Browns alternated quarterbacks at a rapid pace. Before Mayfield took over as the starter in 2018, there were 13 different players that lined up under center dating back to 2012.


The Browns may not be as competitive as expected, but they can rest assured that they have the quarterback that the fans and coaches alike believe in. This hasn't always been the case.

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