Henry Cavill Just Proved His Chiefs Fandom With This Bold Fashion Choice

With the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship on Sunday, the celebrity fans were out in full force. This includes The Witcher star Henry Cavill, who revealed that he loves the Chiefs. He posted a selfie on Instagram that showed him wearing a winter hat emblazoned with the team's logo.

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"Let's Gooooooo!!! [Chiefs] [Chiefs Kingdom] [Kansas City Chiefs] [NFL]" Cavill wrote in the photo's caption. He left no doubts about his rooting interests as the AFC Championship kicked off.

While the man who portrays Geralt of Rivia may not have grown up in the United States watching football, he has since grown to love the sport after spending a considerable amount of time in the country on various projects.

Cavill first had to find a team to adopt, which was not the easiest process. He ultimately grew to love the Chiefs through a process that he explained in 2018. Cavill was appearing on The Rich Eisen Show at the time, and he explained why the Chiefs are the perfect fit for him.

"Spending a lot of time in America, learning to enjoy football, I realized I had to choose a team," Cavill said to Eisen. "It's never wise to choose a team based on who your partner is, because what if you fall out? It's also good to have some rivalry in the house anyway. I was trying to think of something that would always stick. I figured Superman's from Kansas. I was playing Superman at the time. It just kind of made sense to me."

Cavill continued to explain that he nearly opted for a different team during his decision-making process. The Pittsburgh Steelers were in play due to them residing in the "Steel City." This fit with him portraying the Man of Steel in the DC universe, but Cavill still felt that the Chiefs were a better choice.

"Steelers was my next choice, for obvious reasons," Cavill said. "But yes, I just figured that's going to be somewhere where I feel a very close connection with that character and therefore a close connection with where he's from."


Cavill's future as Superman may be in doubt as DC tries to figure out the future of the cinematic universe, but that does not mean that he is abandoning his favorite football team. Cavill adopted the Chiefs, and he will remain a fan.

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