Gayle King at Center of Backlash for Bringing up Kobe Bryant's Rape Allegations

CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King has wound up at center of a major backlash, after bringing up Kobe Bryant's past rape allegations in a recent interview. King sat down for a conversation with WNBA legend Lisa Leslie, asking the sports icon if she thinks the allegations complicate Bryant's legacy. Leslie replied by saying that she never knew Bryant to be cruel or aggressive towards woman.

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King pressed to discuss the allegations more, with Leslie responding by saying that she feels like the media should be more respectful to Bryant's legacy. The interview has set off a barrage of comments from social media users, with many furious at the reporter over her line of questioning.

"Gayle King really tryna push that sex offender narrative on Kobe while he is no longer here to defend himself? [Laughing out loud] she and Oprah will NEVER pass up the opportunity to tarnish a black man's name... Why the f— she ain't interviewing [people] about Harvey Weinstein? [laughing out loud]," one Twitter user said.

"Gayle King and Oprah seem to go after certain stories without class , but ignore the stories involving their Hollywood friends. You bring up something about Kobe right after his death for ratings or relevance? Kobe Bryant has passed away and journalist lack class," another user tweeted.

Comedian and singer Lil Duval also hit back at King, writing in an Instagram post, "Salute to Lisa Leslie for not letting Gayle suck her into her agenda. Somebody tell Gayle to interview Harvey Weinstein next."


"I hope women are paying attention to what's really going on within our community," he added. "It ain't them f—ing with us[,] it's US f—ing with us."

Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash last month, along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and seven other individuals. The crash has been ruled an accident.