Former WWE Superstar Couple Marry in Alaska

Two former WWE Superstars officially tied the knot as a married couple. Former NXT champion Karrion Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux wed on a glacier in Alaska, coming six months after Kross and Bordeaux announced their engagement. The event was posted on Kross' YouTube channel. 

"Hello Everyone, Elizabeth and I have recently eloped- we're married!," the couple wrote in a message posted on YouTube. "We flew to Alaska, hopped on a helicopter and flew to a glacier for a very private ceremony (then wrestled the next day, naturally). We initially weren't going to share this footage but after further discussing it; we'd actually like to do so and say thank you so much for all the support we get from you all. Whether you're a fan, friend or family- you have all participated in bringing joy into our lives."

Kross signed in WWE in February 2020 while Bordeaux signed in November 2019. The duo debuted on NXT in April 2020 as Bordeaux was Kross' manager. Kross would be one of the more dominant competitors in NXT winning the NXT Championship twice. Kross would be called up to the main roster in the summer of 2021 and would feud with Jeff Hardy and Keith Lee. Both Kross and Bordeaux were released from WWE in November. 


"It was unusual," Kross said on the Oral Sessions podcast, per Wrestling Headlines. "But to be honest with you, I kind of felt like it was coming. I felt that the situation could've been recovered with a different presentation on the main roster. It's fiction. In the world of fiction, the possibilities are endless. But I was like 'yeah.' I had a weird feeling that night, just on the debut. I was like 'I kind of feel like this isn't the direction it's going in.' There was a sense of disappointment, but there was also a sense of relief as well. As an artist, imagine if you were a comedian. You go on stage and right as their about to drop your name in front of the crowd, the person who owns the nightclub is like 'hey, you can't use your best jokes by the way. Go knock it out of the park.' And it's like 'what?!'"