Former NFL Quarterback Blasts Bill Belichick, Calls Him 'Lying Piece of S—'

One former NFL quarterback is not a fan of Bill Belichick. Jim McMahon recently appeared on 850 ESPN Cleveland and talked about the time he was with the Cleveland Browns in 1995. McMahon was trying to make the roster during training camp and said that upon his release, Belichick, who was the head coach of the Browns at the time, convinced him to move to Cleveland while also assuring him that he would be compensated while he waited to be activated by the team.

"He said, 'It's probably only gonna be one or two weeks,'" McMahon said per CBS Sports. "So I ended up finding a house ... to rent, found a hockey team for my sons. So I called in the first week on a Friday to get my check and get the runaround. I'm thinking first-week jitters. The second week I called in for my check, got the runaround again. I sat here for seven weeks doing nothing in Cleveland. ... They finally signed me back Week 7 or 8."

(Photo: Rick Stewart / Stringer, Getty)

After three weeks on the roster, McMahon asked then-Browns pro personnel director Michael Lombardi about being compensated for his previous weeks. "He looks at me and says, 'Well, maybe we'll pay you, maybe we won't.' And I lost it," McMahon continued. "I just snapped. I grabbed him by the neck and threw his head against the wall and said, 'You're gonna pay me my money." Then I started realizing what I was doing and I'm looking around the hallway to see if there were any cameras. I stopped hitting him and he slid down the wall."

After calling his lawyer asking to be cut. "I walk back into the QB meeting ... and just said 'Hey boys, I'll see you all later. I'm outta here,'" McMahon stated. "The coach said, 'Have you talked to Bill?' I said, "You can tell Bill to kiss my a—. He's a lying piece of sh—.' Then I was gone. The very next day I was up in Green Bay."


In the end, things worked out for McMahon as he was the backup QB for Brett Favre in 1995 and 1996, which is the year the Packers won the Super Bowl bowl. It was the second Super Bowl win for McMahon as he won one in 1985 for the Chicago Bears as the starting quarterback. Belichick's final season as the Browns head coach was in 1995 but went on to coach the New England Patriots and win six Super Bowls.