Former NFL Player Isaac Keys Talks Hitting Rock Bottom in 'Getcha Popcorn Ready' Exclusive Clip

Isaac Keys, a former NFL player who is now an actor, had to work his way to get to where he is now. Despite being an NFL player in the early 2000s. Keys barely had enough money just to live. In an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of Getcha Popcorn Ready With T.O. at Hatch on Fubo Sports Network, Keys talked about hitting rock bottom, which was being an NFL player and having just $50 to his name. 

"I can't the gas in the Tahoe," Keys said in the nearly three-minute clip. Keys was speaking to former NFL players Terrell Owens and Matthew Hatchette. He then explained how he reached rock bottom despite having everything he wanted. "I always thought I was paying attention to all the keys," he said. "I understood certain things, but I was also reliant. I had these real estate deals with some former teammates, so I was making more on real estate deals than I was making football at the time."

Keys went on to talk about how the 2008 stock market crash and one of his friends passing away impacted him financially. It led to him going nearly broke because he didn't understand credit and foreclosures as it was all new to him at 30 years old. "It's the transitions that make you stronger for what's going to happen in the future," Keys said. "You don't realize that and the time, you're like, man this is crazy. And more than anything, I was ashamed. I was embarrassed."

According to his bio, Keys signed with the Minnesota Vikings as an undrafted free agent from Morehouse College in 2001. He also spent time with the Green Bay Packers in 2002 but didn't play in his first NFL game until joining the Arizona Cardinals in 2003. The 43-year-old former linebacker played in nine games in two seasons for the Cardinals and tallied five tackles.


After the NFL, Keys made the transitions to acting. He has appeared in various TV shows over the years, including Lucifer, The Rookie, Supergirl, The Oath and Get Shorty. He is set to appear in Power Book IV: Force which will premiere on Starz on Feb. 6. The full episode of  Popcorn Ready With T.O. at Hatch will air on Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET on Fubo Sports Network.