Agent Rocky Arceneaux Travels With Ezekiel Elliott to Dallas Ahead of Signing Cowboys Contract

Where there is smoke, there is usually fire, and the Ezekiel Elliott contract talks are the perfect example. As his new extension with the Dallas Cowboys draws near, there are constant reports on social media about how the deal is "very close." ESPN, local Dallas reporters, and NFL Network all are working their sources to figure out when and where this deal will take place. Fortunately, Ed Werder of ESPN may have just narrowed the window just a bit.

Tuesday afternoon, Werder reported that Elliott's agent, Rocky Arceneaux, was traveling with him from Cabo back to Dallas. The news about Zeke heading back to the Continental United States was known, but having Arceneaux along for the trip simply added another level of intrigue and excitement. If Zeke is bringing along his representation, it's proof that these talks are truly heating up. The end should be in sight for both sides.

Considering that Arceneaux was one of the parties frustrated with Jerry Jones' "Zeke who?" quip, it's a very positive sign that he is heading back to Dallas with his client. The joke by Jones appeared to widen the divide in the contract negotiations, but the repairs appear to have been made.

Now that Zeke and his agent will be back in Dallas, the primary concern is the amount of money handed out as part of this contract extension. Elliott obviously wants to top the deal given to Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams, which totaled $57.5 million and included $45 million guaranteed, and he should achieve that goal.

Early numbers floated by sources close to the situation have the deal framed at six years and roughly $90 million, which would keep Zeke in the building through the 2026 season. However, these numbers are unconfirmed and didn't include the total amount of guaranteed money. Guarantees are critical for running backs considering the relative briefness of their careers, and Elliott will be in line for a considerable amount.


Obviously, the deal has not been struck just yet and there is still work to be done before the star running back is putting pen to paper and rejoining his team. It should still be viewed as a very positive sign in negotiations that Elliott is making the trip back to the United States, as well as the fact that he is bringing his agent along for the trip.

The end is in sight for the Dallas Cowboys and fans of America's Team.