ESPN Adds a Bold New Camera Angle, and Viewers Are Divided

ESPN just took another big step when it comes to how viewers watch games. On Christmas Day when the Los Angeles Lakers were taking on the Los Angeles Clippers, the four-letter network revealed a new camera angle that gave viewers a diagonal view of the court, which is something similar to what is shown on NBA video games. ESPN shared the look on Twitter and was excited about it. However, viewers had mixed feelings about the new look.

"I think an offset angle like NBA Live gives the best sense of spacing," wrote one fan. "I've seen TV use it a few times. The sideline cam makes it very hard to see the depth of players."

"Can you folks tie cameras to the players heads so we can see what's goin on and recommend passes and what not" another fan wrote.

"I hope [NBA on TNT] gets all playoff and finals games," another fan added. "ESPN ruining the game with this camera angle. Put an end to it [NBA]."

"Stop tweeting like you’re an 18-year-old and focus on presenting the game in a more productive fashion. Thanks."

Phil Rosenthal, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, ripped ESPN for experimenting with the new camera angle.


"The floating camera gimmick offered a perspective that could be useful for some replays if there were something specific to be said about off-ball movement, but it in no way enhanced the live coverage," he wrote. "It’s worth noting NBC tried a similar sideline camera on some football coverage this year and was similarly panned and ESPN even had dabbled with it a bit, so it’s not as though it didn’t know what it was getting into."

It's not known if ESPN will use the camera angle again for a future NBA game.