Erin Andrews Wants to Host Show With A-List Celebrity (Exclusive)

Erin Andrews has accomplished a lot in her career, covering Super Bowls and college football championship games, hosting Dancing with the Stars and doing work for Good Morning America. But now she is looking to work on another project with one of the top stars in Hollywood. recently caught up with Andrews who revealed that she would love to host a show with Kevin Hart

"Well, I definitely don't want to leave football," Andrews exclusively told PopCulture when asked about her future plans. "I mean, I can't really see a week during the football season go by where I'm not involved in that. It's my passion. It's my love. It's what I want to do until somebody tells me I can't do it anymore. What I would like to be doing is, like I said, trying to figure out something in the entertainment world. 

(Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Fanatics)

"I really had a great time with [Dancing with the Stars] and want to continue that somehow in some fashion. Would love to maybe try a talk show, not by myself, but I've thrown around Kevin Hart because I think we are so opposite, but so the same in terms of being go-getters and crazy and not turning anything down. I feel bad for him because obviously, I'm a lot richer than he is and my bank account is just way bigger than his."

Andrews and Hart would make a great talk show. And both have the experience as Andrews hosts her own podcast with Fox Sports colleague Charissa Thompson, which is called Clam Down. For Hart, he has his own network called Laugh Out Loud and hosts his own sports talk show called Cold As Balls. Hart had Andrews on Cold As Balls which aired in November 2019. 


But along with advancing her career, Andrews is looking to start a family. "Obviously, with a family, I've gone about things differently in my life," Andrews said. "I've experienced things in my life a lot later than a lot of women, starting with getting married at the age of 40. We're trying to have a baby at the age of 43, 44. It's come at different times for me. I had success in my career at an earlier age. I think that kind of dynamic of it all with somebody, a host, who like Kevin, has a lot of kids, he's been married, that world. And I'm like, 'Wait, how do you do... What do you do like really change a diaper and things like that?'"