Eric Decker Poses for Cheeky Poolside Snaps With Wife Jessie James

Former NFL wide receiver Eric Decker and his wife, Jessie James Decker, recently hit the pool and enjoyed the warm weather. Decker drew attention when he showed off his receiver's hands. Instead of a football, however, the former Broncos star grabbed his wife.

TMZ posted photos of the interaction on Friday, along with many others in a gallery. The couple laughed together and splashed around. They also threw the football as part of the relaxing day. The images prompted a considerable number of comments, including those that expressed the opinion that Decker and Jessie are "adorable." Others, however, had different questions about the gallery.

"Soo.. paparazzi got this close to their property without anyone noticing them," one Twitter user commented. Others agreed with this sentiment. They expressed the opinion that Jessie had "invited the paparazzi" to come and take "impromptu" photos of the couple and their time in the pool.

Decker and Jessie originally got together in 2011 and tied the knot in 2013. They have three children together — Vivianne Rose, 6, Eric Jr., 4, and Forrest Bradley, 2. Decker and Jessie have discussed whether or not to have more children, but they haven't made any concrete decisions just yet. Although Jessie did previously ask if Decker wanted to get a vasectomy.

"He's always been very vocal about wanting to be a dad and have all these kids, and I'm right there with him," she revealed to E! Online. "It's our pride and joy of our lives, but yeah I've asked him, 'Do you want to make this not a possibility anymore to not have any more kids?" The former receiver responded by saying that he "doesn't want the power taken from him yet" and that it might take a lot away from his manhood.


As for Jessie, she did say that she is "at peace" with having three kids. However, she doesn't want to make any decisions that she might regret in two years. This specifically refers to a potential "caboose" baby that would expand the family.

While the future is uncertain surrounding potential growth, Decker and Jessie are finding other ways to pass the time. Enjoying the pool is one pursuit, as is putting out new products. An example of this is Jessie's new cookbook, "Just Feed Me: Simply Delicious Recipes from My Heart to Your Plate," which releases in September.