Eric Decker Embraces His Inner Lumberjack in New Woods Photo

Eric Decker just showed off his rugged side for a new Instagram photo. The former NFL wide receiver who played for the Denver Broncos, New York Jets and Tennessee Titans recently went partially shirtless for a snap in the woods. Although he did cover his bare torso with a flannel jacket.

The image showed Decker leaning against the tree surrounded by foliage. He had on the aforementioned jacket, blue jeans and hiking boots. His dog sat next to him receiving the oh-so-precious chin scratches. Decker ensured that this was a proper photoshoot by giving a "smoldering look" to the camera.

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"Just got done choppin' wood for the fire pit. No other jacket I would rather be in to do such a task like handling my wood. Thanks [Mr Rails]" Decker wrote in his caption. Fans and peers responded by saying that it looked like he was shooting an Abercrombie ad with his shirtless look.

This image in the woods is not the first time that Decker has removed items of clothing for a photoshoot. He also took off all of his clothes and embraced his inner nudist in order to promote his wife's cookbook. He made a post on Instagram that showed him sitting naked on his patio, holding a coffee mug and a cookbook.

"It's bigger, better and tastier than what you could ever imagine...... I'm talking about my wife's amazing new cookbook 'just feed me' It's officially out now! I've tasted everything and I can tell you it's damn good. Enjoy!" Decker wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. He did not provide any information about whether surrounding trees or fences provided privacy for his photoshoot.


Decker also channeled his inner superhero during the month of October. He put on a Batman outfit and went trick or treating with his kids — although he crossed universes by letting one of his children dress up as Captain America. The DC and Marvel representatives still partnered together in order to procure some delicious candy.

While he was a successful wide receiver during his eight-year career, racking up 5,816 yards and 53 touchdowns, he has continued to entertain fans on Instagram. Decker has regularly posted photos and videos on his social media account that shows off his life with wife, Jessie James Decker. Some posts feature him at the gym while others show off his family. Only a minor few feature him without clothing.