Eiza González, 'Bloodshot' and 'Baby Driver' Star, Dishes on Her Super Bowl Birthday Bash

Celebrating a major birthday in style has become a tradition in recent years, with people partying when they hit 21, 30, or 40. Eiza González, who recently appeared in Bloodshot, revealed that she wanted to have a quiet celebration, but Super Bowl LIV derailed these plans. Instead, the weekend became a blur.

Gonzalez shed some light on the birthday trip during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. As she explained, she turned 30 mere days prior to the Big Game and celebrated in Miami. She wanted to have a "chill" celebration but somehow ended up at a strip club in hopes of watching Snoop Dogg perform. The rest of the weekend, according to Gonzalez, was a four-day blur.

"It all started – backtracking to my birthday – it was going to be a chill birthday. And so I ended up going to this bar, to this little thing," Gonzalez explained. "Then it turned out [to be] one shot to two shots, three shots, four. Someone threw up on my cake."

While Gonzalez didn't exactly remember the weekend's events, she was able to relive them through her phone. She explained that she was coming back from Miami and experienced a similar situation to the film The Hangover. She opened her phone and wondered "what is going on here?"

The Dallas Cowboys fan in Gonzalez headed to Florida with the intention of rooting for the San Francisco 49ers, but she changed her mind after spending time with Paul Rudd and his son. She witnessed their intense Kansas City Chiefs fandom and was in awe of how much they had invested in the game. In fact, Gonzalez revealed that she was a little stunned when Rudd's son's nose began bleeding after the Chiefs secured the victory.

Weeks later, Gonzalez is no longer to go out and party due to stay-at-home orders across the country. Keeping residents of the country healthy has become a bigger priority at this point in time while shutting down clubs and non-essential businesses is recommended.

COVID-19 concerns have also resulted in fans avoiding movie theaters while practicing social distancing. Major films such as Birds of Prey, The Way Back, and Bloodshot have all suffered financially due to the loss of audiences, and studios are trying to provide alternative/safer methods for watching these blockbusters.


However, Gonzalez's latest film can now be seen by those at home following an early release on VOD. Bloodshot became available on Tuesday for the price of $19.99. The comic book film only made $24 million worldwide prior to movie theaters closing but has since moved to No. 4 on iTunes. According to Business Insider, it sat behind Disney's Onward and Birds of Prey.

Photo Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images