Ed Reed Ready to Find NFL's 'Hungriest Players' for 2020 Season (Exclusive)

Ed Reed was always hungry when he played in the NFL. And now, he's ready to find other hungry NFL players as he's representing Snickers for the return of the Snickers Hungriest Player program. PopCulture.com spoke exclusively with Reed, who said he jumped on the opportunity to work with Snickers.

"I got the call and when they told me what it was for, obviously I was even more interested," Reed told PopCulture. "I grew up eating Snickers. It was my No. 1 trick-or-treat candy and I do like the commercials. You're not yourself when you're hungry." Reed also likes what the program stands for, which is awarding the player who has shown hunger for more with big plays and moments on the field. One player will win the award each week and will be given the Snickers chain made by iconic jeweler Ben Baller.

"It's about the guy who displays his hunger on the football field and making those big plays," Reed added. "That sounds like me, right?" If the program was going on when Reed was playing, he would have kept the Snickers chain all season. In his 12-year career, Reed was named to the Pro Bowl nine times and the All-Pro Team eight times. He holds the record for most career interception yards (1,590) and holds the single-game record for the longest interception return (107).

Snickers Hungriest Player Chain Ed Reed
(Photo: The Marketing Arm)

Last year, players such as Emmanuel Sanders, Tyler Lockett, Eddy Pineiro, DeMarcus Lawrence and Gardner Minshew were able to obtain the chain for their work on the field. And when the season was all said and done, Minshew was named Snickers Hungriest Player of the Year and was awarded the chain which is worth $75,000. Can he do it again in 2020?


"You have a lot of cats that can win this," Reed said. "Calais Campbell for Baltimore being one, Lamar Jackson, [Patrick] Mahomes, Russell Wilson." Reed also named Eddie Jackson as a candidate to be the Hungriest Player of 2020. "You have a few guys out there that can display this chain," Reed stated. "It's going to be interesting to see who puts this on."