Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and P.K. Subban Unite for Epic Workout

NHL star P.K. Subban recently took part in a gym session with his fiancee Lindsey Vonn and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The trio hit the weight buffet in an effort to get stronger and enjoyed an empty gym. Subban posted some footage of the day on his Twitter account and explained that he "became a man."

In the clip, Subban worked on a lat pulldown machine. He did 12 reps in the video while Johnson spotted him and provided words of encouragement. Vonn, who filmed the video, also provided support for her significant other as he attempted to finish off the set strong. "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath provided the soundtrack for the workout and created a cinematic feel for viewers at home.

"Could be the start of something... Soul Patrol 2 . My favorite tag team back in the day!" one fan tweeted in response to the video. Several talked about how this workout was "epic" while many others called for Johnson to return to professional wrestling with a new partner. They felt that Subban would be the perfect person to help Johnson claim the title while following in his father's footsteps once again. Soul Patrol referenced his father, Rocky Johnson, and his tag team partner, Tony Atlas.

Vonn previously teased the workout session with a post on her Instagram account. She showed herself next to Johnson in either a cooldown or warmup. Subban was nearby, pedaling on a bike and flexing for the camera.

"Iron Paradise, baby," Subban said. "The most beautiful place. Boys become men right here." Vonn responded to this statement by asking how the gym works for her. "I don't know what I am," she said while laughing. Johnson just responded by saying, "Iron Paradise" while he worked on the stairstep machine.


While this day at Johnson's custom gym drew considerable attention, Subban and Vonn did not remain with the actor-producer. They headed home and continued to showcase their workouts on social media. Subban's New Jersey Devils are not in the NHL restart, so he is spending his time getting better for next season.

As his Instagram account shows, Subban has spent considerable time working on his Olympic lifting. He did power cleans and snatches in the workout area as part of his routine. Subban also set up a pull-up bar using a squat rack and barbell. This method of doing chin-ups was not traditional, but it worked for the NHL star.