Dwayne Johnson Sends Emotional Message to Daughter Ava Raine After Making WWE History

Ava Raine (real name Simone Johnson) recently made WWE history when she cut her first promo at an NXT live event. Raine is the first-ever fourth-generation WWE Superstar, and her father Dwayne Johnson (known as The Rock in WWE), is very happy for her. While speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Johnson talked about her daughter making history. 

"She's fourth, [generation], She's made history," Johnson said, per Thirsty for News"Very very proud of her. She is fiercely independent, It's very important for her to make her own way. Blaze her own trail. Blaze her own path. She doesn't come to me looking for a lot which I respect that. And I'm here watching and supporting."  

In the promo, Raine told the audience exactly who she is. "I don't need to come out here and say that I'm a rich girl, or come out here with a pillow. Or come out here and ride around the ring on a skateboard! To all of you, I am completely a mystery," Raine said in the promo, per Metro. "They will all fall down, all of them, except me! I am Ava Raine, and I am the Final Girl!"

Raine signed with WWE in 2020 but has dealt with injuries as she recently had knee surgery. With her appearing at a live event, it's only a matter of time for her to make her television debut. One of the current stars of professional wrestling who helped train Raine is Impact Wrestling star Deonna Purrazzo who spoke to Stephanie Case last year about working with Raine. 

"That was really cool," Purrazzo said, per Wrestling Headlines. "That was probably like a year or so after Simone had already been training at the PC. Simone is great. She loves wrestling and loves picking people's brains and was always asking, 'Could you stay and do extra training with me?' Sara Amato would ask me to stay and do some extra training and really help her. When we did get paired up together, it was fun because she was learning wrestling before my eyes. To be able to give back a little bit and teach her the right way and for her to know that she would be safe and could ask questions and she's not going to get hurt and she's being taught the right way, I am honored to have been part of that. "