Drew Brees: Why Twitter Is Hyping up This 'Smooth' Video of the Saints QB

Drew Brees is known for being smooth on the field as he will go down as the most prolific passer in NFL history. However, when it comes to his style off the field, he might have a lot more skills in that area. The Twitter account Footballism was able to obtain a video of Brees shaking hands with some bystanders who were watching the Saints practice. Brees was "dapping" with the guys which is a kind of handshake where you and a friend slap palms and then hold their hand as you pull your fingers back until it makes a snapping sound, according to Urban Dictionary.

From there the Twitter universe went crazy for Brees since it's something that is rarely seen. One person wrote: "And I can't even get fist bump or dap right with some at work."

"Drew my guy... watch how he switches his professionalism up when gets to the Coach hand shake," another fan wrote.

"Drew Brees is unproblematic and I'm here for him," another fan added.

It's clear Brees knows how to adjust when he's interacting with young players and coaches. That's one of the many reasons fans love the star Saints quarterback, but they'll love him a lot more if he can lead the Saints to another Super Bowl win. As of Monday, the Saints have a 10-3 record and have clinched the NFC South title. Brees, who led the team to a Super Bowl win in 2009, has been a big reason for the team's success and he has a chance to make history on Monday night against the Indianapolis Colts as he needs to throw touchdown passes to set the all-time record.


"I think obviously before the season you know you are a certain distance away, but then once the season starts, you just focus on winning games and doing what I need to do as a quarterback of this team to put us in the best position to succeed and to win," Brees said to reporters last week. "And with that, I guess the statistics come, and maybe they add up and then all of a sudden, you're close enough to be within striking distance of some of those things.

"But I'm really not thinking about it, just focusing on this opponent just like you would any other opponent, making it the most important game of the season and knowing that we need our best execution in order to be successful and also just continuing to build."