Donald Trump Met With Cheers, 'USA' Chants at LSU vs. Alabama Game

Saturday afternoon, the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide met at Bryant-Denny Stadium for a battle of SEC contenders. However, the product on the field was less of a focus for many. Instead, the crowd and many viewers at home were drawn to the sight of President Donald Trump at the game. According to sports radio host Clay Travis, the president received a rather warm welcome.

In a video posted on social media, Trump was shown in the luxury suite on the 50-yard line. He said that there were cheers for the president, as well as chants of "U-S-A." Additionally, there were some in the crowd that could be seen holding Trump banners.

Of course, there were decidedly mixed responses to Travis' video on Twitter. Some said that this clip would be changed so that boos could be heard while others said that those in Alabama cheer for the president because they can't read.

"Politics as it is in pitching and real estate, location location location," one user wrote as an explanation for Trump's popularity in Alabama.

There was an expectation from some that there would be protests and boos, especially after news broke that the massive 20-foot tall baby Trump blimp was in Tuscaloosa for the game. This was brought about by a GoFundMe campaign that sought $4,000 and walked away with nearly $6,000. In response, the founders paid for the blimp to make an appearance near the stadium and then donated the rest of the money to the Equal Justice Initiative.

This also followed a sit-in protest that took place on Friday afternoon near the location of the ESPN College GameDay set. The members of the Student Justice Coalition were concerned about "systemic racism" and how it would affect the situation in Alabama, and they voiced their concerns with signs.

Considering these two events, it was expected that Trump would be met with a considerable number of boos or a protest outside the stadium. However, the video posted on Saturday made it appear that the president was among those that were happy to see him. Will the other videos that surface on social media show the same thing, or will there be far more mixed reactions put on display?


Photo Credit: Matt Sullivan, Getty