Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa Calls Shania Twain 'Celebrity Crush'

Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has not taken a snap with his new team, but he is already turning heads in South Florida. He recently took part in a question and answer segment and revealed that he is quite fond of Shania Twain's music. He also listed her as his "celebrity crush" before shooting his shot.

The revelation took place during a Q&A video that surfaced on the Dolphins' Twitter account. The interviewer first asked Tagovailoa for his guilty pleasure, to which he replied, "Shania Twain." The conversation then turned to celebrity crushes. Once again, the rookie responded by talking about the singer behind "That Don't Impress Me Much."

"Yeah, I'd probably go with Shania Twain," Tagovailoa said. "Shania, if you watch this, from this moment on, please message me back." Twain did respond, and she jokingly set the Dolphins' QB straight about her music, saying that Tagovailoa should be proud of his "good taste." Twain also increased the intrigue when she sent a kissy face emoji to the rookie.

Tagovailoa has previously showcased his interest in country music during press conferences, which includes several other artists. For example, he quoted Tim McGraw while announcing that he was declaring for the 2020 NFL Draft. McGraw may be an LSU fan, but he appreciated the shoutout from the University of Alabama star.

"I'd like to leave you all with this, from one of my favorite Tim McGraw songs: 'When you get where you're going, don't forget, turn back around, and help the next one in line, always stay humble and kind," Tagovailoa said. "Thank you all so so much, God bless, and Roll Tide." McGraw saw this quote and responded by saying that he is inspired by Tagovailoa's spirit.


There have been questions about Tagovailoa's future in the NFL since he suffered a season-ending hip injury against Mississippi State. Many didn't believe that he would recover in time for the NFL Scouting Combine or the NFL Draft. Tagovailoa didn't participate in the drills during the Combine, but he threw at his Pro Day. The scouts and coaches came away impressed.

The Dolphins ultimately selected Tagovailoa fifth overall, cementing his spot as the future in South Florida. If he is able to remain healthy and lead the Dolphins to several wins, the former Alabama QB will increase his fanbase in short order. According to the video posted on Twitter, he hopes this includes his celebrity crush in Twain.