Danny Trejo Roasts Adam Jones' Ketchup Tacos

Danny Trejo just took aim at Adam Jones for his ketchup tacos! The 75-year-old actor spoke to TMZ about Jones taking to Instagram to show off his ketchup tacos on Cinco de Mayo and was very disappointed. Trejo, a taco expert and the owner of Trejo Tacos in Los Angeles, said ketchup is the worst condiment to put on a taco.

"You can do taco-anything," Trejo said, "But not ketchup... The reality is that you can put anything on a taco, but ketchup goes on a hot dog!" Jones, a five-time MLB All-Star took his share of heat from fans for showing off his ketchup tacos. He also had to let the fans now that his "San Diego card" can't be taken away because he will eat his tacos the way he wants to, and nobody was going to tell him differently.

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"You can’t ever pull my SD card," he said on Instagram. "It's my plate. I eat them how I want to. Ain't a specific way. So gracias." In Jones' defense, there is no right or wrong way to eat a taco. In fact, the tacos have the same ingredients as a hamburger as both have ground beef, lettuce and cheese. Despite the criticism from the fans and Trejo, Jones is not going to stop eating his ketchup tacos.

As for his baseball career, Jones signed a two-year contract with the Orix Buffaloes of the Nippon Baseball League in Japan back in December. "It's that time in my career and life my family and I had to make a HUGE decision, and so that is what we have done!!! MLB has been amazing to myself and my family," Jones wrote on Twitter, as transcribed by ESPN. "We had an incredible run from the day I signed in 2003 to my final AB last year. It's been the greatest 12 years and 139 days a person could ask for! "[Orix] views me as a valuable piece to help bring their organization back on track and I'm up for the challenge!! They have expressed to my family and I that they value everything I bring to the game, and have proven that."

Jones played in the MLB from 2006-2019. He spent 11 seasons with the Baltimore Orioles, which is where he became one of the top outfielders in the game. Along with being named to the All-Star team five times, Jones is also a four-time Gold Glove Award winner.