Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Admits to Being a 'Jason Garrett Man,' but He Wants More Wins

The Dallas Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East, but they know they are in trouble. Team owner Jerry Jones called out the coaching staff after the 13-9 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday and they are now 6-5 on the year. When asked about head coach Jason Garrett's future on the NFL Network show Good Morning Football, he admitted to having Garrett's back, but he also wants to see better results on the field.

"Let me tell you, no one in this country has earned the right to say 'I'm a Jason Garrett man' more than me. I am his man," Jones said per "And we want the very same thing. And that's for our players to play at their very best and we want his staff to coach at their very best. The bottom line is we get graded. I'm in business. I don't have to win the Super Bowl in business every year. I can come in sixth and have a hell of a year. But in this case, you've got to come in first. You've got to come in first. So fundamentally, you've asked for something that's a very narrow window to begin with. I want Jason to get it done."

Jones went on to say that while Garrett is seeing most of the heat, he said everyone is responsible for where the Cowboys are right now.

"Well, I think that I speak for everyone on our team. No team has felt like it's played at its very best," Jones said. "No team feels that way. We're always looking for improvement. I'm the general manager. So, I'm the one who puts those coaches out there. I'm the one who put those players out there. They're out there on my decision. So, when they don't have a good day, I don't have a good day either."

As for Garrett, he's not worried about what Garrett has to say because he knows the entire team, players and coaches, have room to grow.


"We always can coach better. We always can play better," Garrett said, via Jon Machota of The Athletic. "That's the way we look at it. We can always learn from our experiences. Certainly there were some good things in the game we can build on and there's plenty of stuff we need to correct as we go forward."

The Cowboys look to get back on track when they face the Buffalo Bills on Thursday.