Conor McGregor Lashes out Over Steroid Use Allegation

Conor McGregor has a message for UFC fighter Anthony Smith who accused him of steroid use. While appearing on the Believe You Me podcast, Smith criticized McGregor for bouncing in and out of the UFC's drug testing program while recovering from a broken leg he suffered last year, insinuating he's using performance enhancers to speed up his recovery. When McGregor heard what Smith had to say, he fired back. 

"This rat spoke to [Chris] Weidman who'd the same horrific injury and is having severe complications still, is bothered that I was able to heal/return to a normal way of life. He, like many other rats in my game, would be happier if I wasn't able to play with my children the same again," McGregor wrote on Twitter, per Mirror. 

"The audacity of this loser! [Anthony Smith] you're a loser. The % of the bones joining back after a break like this is so low. You think I give a f— about anything else. I am the most tested fighter all time in combat sport. I give everything to this game. You – Nothing! "I thought you broke your leg yourself in your last fight lol you little dope. You embarrassment of a man! Keep my name out of your f— mouth. P—." 

Smith responded to McGregor's message on the Believe You Me podcast. "He made my whole point by having this freakout," Smith said, per MMA Fighting. "He said he had to do it because he wasn't healing correctly, and the break was so bad that the percentages were really low. I'm not even questioning the reason, I get it. If there's something out there that can help me heal that I can do legally, I totally would. Because I would heal a lot faster.

"But, it's not even his reasoning that I'm questioning. What bugs me is guys like Anderson [Silva], and guys like Chris Weidman, and myself, I've had lots of bad injuries and we didn't have the ability to step out the USADA pool, get yourself healed, and then come back with no repercussions. That was my issue."  


McGregor, 34, broke his leg when he was facing Dustin Poirier in a match in July 2021. He will have to undergo six months of drug testing before returning to UFC as part of the United States Anti-Doping Agency rules.