UFC Fighter Calls out Conor McGregor in Expletive-Laced Message

Conor McGregor has been called out by one of the rising stars in UFC. TMZ recently caught up with Jorge Masvidal and he wants to take on McGregor as soon as possible.

"If you want this fight my brother, I'm right here man. Let's get it f—ing crackin'," Masvidal said. "He knows I'm only going for one thing on him — the off button. I'm not going in there to outpoint him or nothing."

Apparently, this is a match fans want to happen with the way Masvidal has been dominating opponents recently. That is what led to TMZ asking Masvidal about the possible battle.

"I got good things to say about Conor," Jorge said. "He's done a lot in the sport and he's made his money already and if he feels he's not getting the money he deserves to come back, man I'm gonna be the first one to applaud him and be like do your thing my brother."

"[But] if he wants to come back and he wants somebody that's gonna stand with him and give him the type of fights that he likes, look no further my brother!"

Masvidal, 34, has been in the mixed martial arts business since 2003 and has tallied a 34-13 record. He has won his last two matches which include a five-second knockout win against Ben Askren earlier this month and a knockout win against Darren Till back in March. The five-second knockout win Masvidal recorded is the fastest in UFC history.

McGregor, 31, has not competed in an MMA match since October of last year when he lost Khabib Nurmagomedov via submission. Since entering the MMA world in 2008, McGregor has posted a 21-4 record and all four losses were caused by submission.


Back in 2015, McGregor won the UFC Lightweight and Featherweight titles, making him the first fighter in UFC history to hold championship belts in two different weight classes.

Along with being a mixed martial artist, McGregor has done some boxing. Back in 2017, the Ireland native took on Floyd Mayweather Jr. and it was called "The Money Fight." McGregor came up short in the fight as Mayweather won via TKO in the 10th round.