Connor McGregor Poses for Odd Photo of His Physique as Sexual Assault Allegation Surfaces

Recently, news surfaced that UFC fighter Conor McGregor is facing allegations of sexual assault in Dublin, Ireland. This incident, which allegedly occurred in a parked car outside of a pub, has not resulted in any arrests or interviews by the police just yet, but that could change in the coming weeks or months. Despite these allegations, McGregor has continued to post shirtless photos of himself on Instagram.

In the photo posted Saturday, McGregor is staring blankly at the camera while wearing workout pants and a pair of athletic shoes. There was no caption or description for the image, just an emoji with a talking head.

Was the purpose of the photo to show that he is in fighting shape, or was there a different meaning that he wanted to get across? The answer is unknown at this point.

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If he truly is in fighting shape, the belief is that McGregor could be back in action in the coming months. UFC president Dana White had previously expressed optimism that the Irishman would be able to enter the octagon in 2019, but this ultimately was not the case due to a hand injury.

Recently, however, White did say that he could see McGregor fighting again, but the bout would not take place against Frankie Edgar. McGregor expressed his desire to face off with the former lightweight champion, but White said that the move did not make sense.

"I said it leading into the Mayweather fight: 'He may never fight again after this fight when you make this kind of money,'" White said, per MMA Junkie. "He's fought once since then.

"Conor loves to fight and wants to fight again, but the Frankie Edgar fight isn't going to happen. Edgar is two weight classes below him. [Edgar] was supposed to fight Aljamain Sterling. Aljamain fell out and got hurt. Frankie is coming to the end of his career, and he could end up getting himself into a title position again. To take the Conor fight makes no sense."


While McGregor's return to the octagon has not been made official, there is the belief that it could be happening in the near future. Although the allegations of sexual assault could bring about a potential delay. For now, he will continue to train and post photos of his physique on social media.