Colin Kaepernick Applauded After Spending His Birthday Feeding the Homeless

Sunday, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick celebrated his birthday by handing out backpacks filled with toiletries and essential goods to the residents of Oakland's Tent City. There was no partying in clubs; he was simply trying to provide much-needed items, as well as free food to those in need. In response, fans on social media showed their appreciation for his gestures.

While this wasn't the first time that Kaepernick has celebrated his birthday by spending time helping out the homeless and those in need, it certainly made some waves on social media. In fact, many users initially reacted with surprise before applauding Kaepernick for his efforts.

"Isn’t it amazing," one Twitter user wrote. "He was a starting QB in a super bowl early in his career but he kneeled during the National Anthem and was too toxic for the NFL. He has come out looking so much better than anyone associated with the NFL. This is a national embarrassment."

The overwhelming opinion on Twitter is that football fans appreciated the efforts of Kaepernick to ease the suffering of those in Oakland's Tent City. The former San Francisco 49ers QB is obviously a divisive figure after he began protesting in 2016, to the point that he hasn't been seen in the league since. However, there were many fans that believe he did the right thing by taking a knee.

"See ladies and gentlemen, he fights for something bigger than football. #TakeAKnee," one Twitter user wrote in response to the footage of Kaepernick handing out backpacks.

Support aside, there were some cynical figures on Twitter that decided to point out what they viewed as a flaw in Kaepernick's birthday activities. Essentially, some users found it to be a bit suspicious that the quarterback was being filmed doing these good deeds.

"Would have been cooler had he done it without a cameraman in tow... But, certainly more than a lot of others have done today," one user wrote while begrudgingly giving Kaepernick props.


Doubters aside, the overwhelming response to the free agent handing out backpacks and providing food to the homeless was that of support. The football fans and supporters of Kaepernick were happy that he was trying to make a difference on his 32nd birthday.

(Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty)