Cody Rhodes' Reality Show 'Rhodes to Top' TNT Expiration Date Revealed

As Cody Rhodes is seemingly headed towards a return from injury in WWE, one of the final remnants of his time in All Elite Wrestling is also set to fade away. TNT has listed his and his wife Brandi Rhodes' reality show, Rhodes to the Top, as "expiring" on June 14. The series has remained available for cable subscribers on TNT's website and apps despite Rhodes' AEW exit in early 2022. Even as Rhodes became one of the top face wrestlers in WWE, TNT continued to showcase the WarnerMedia series' first (and only) season on its platform. However, it seems that won't be the case for much longer.

On TNT's Xbox One app, each Rhodes to the Top episode shows an expiration date of June 14. This means the six-episode reality program won't be streamable after that date. There's no sign of Season 2 coming to the network or another Warner Bros. Discovery platform, so this will likely be the conclusion of WBD's relationship with Rhodes, who is the son of WWE Legend Dusty Rhodes and the brother of "Goldust" Dustin Rhodes. (It's unclear if the media company will still continue to allow fans to digitally purchase episodes of the show after June 14, but I'd bet the money-hungry media giant will still list it.) 

The only way to Rhodes to the Top could continue would involve an unlikely partnership between WBD and WWE, which already has TV deals with NBCUniversal and Fox Corporation. While Hollywood is trending in the direction of licensing out content to the highest bidder instead of internal outlets, the promotion of competing wrestling companies just wouldn't make much sense for either party. (Rhodes to the Top Season 1 features loads of AEW footage and talent, a second season would presumably be WWE-heavy.)

However, we wouldn't completely rule out a reality TV return for "The American Nightmare" and Brandi, who also previously starred on E!'s WAGS: Atlanta. WWE could easily launch a spiritual successor to Rhodes to the Top under a new name. The company already has Miz and Mrs. and an upcoming Hulu show about Bianca Belair and Montez Ford in the works, so this kind of show would be right at home in the WWE portfolio. Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer also reported that WWE and E! are exploring a reality show featuring several WWE couples. The Rhodes family could also slot right into such a project, should it come to fruition.

For now, Rhodes to the Top is streamable on TNT's site/app with a cable subscription. You can also purchase a license to watch Season 1 episodes via digital retailers like Prime Video and Google Play. As for Rhodes' current activities, he returned to WWE for WrestleMania 38 (April 2, 2022), igniting a feud with Seth Rollins that lasted through the 2022 Hell in a Cell event (June 5) and the following night's WWE Raw episode. Rhodes legitimately tore his pectoral muscle ahead of Hell in a Cell and has spent months away from the ring recovering. The company has heavily teased his comeback leading up to the upcoming Royal Rumble event (Jan. 23).