Cleveland Browns Fan Gets Odell Beckham Jr. Tattoo

Given the comments by Odell Beckham Jr. after his departure from the New York Giants, it was expected that his return to MetLife Stadium on Monday would be a bit divisive. After all, he did say that the team had sent him there "to die." The Cleveland Browns were facing off with the New York Jets on ESPN as OBJ looked to prove that he is still the owner of the Big Apple, but would the fans welcome him with open arms or would they boo and heckle?

The Jets fans, as proud residents of New York, were not overly excited to see Beckham back in the stadium, nor were they happy about his 89-yard touchdown to seal the victory. There was still a warm welcome, however, as the Browns fans in attendance made sure to cheer for their new favorite player.

In fact, one man even took his fandom to another level by getting a special tattoo in Beckham's honor after the game ended.

Following the decisive victory over the Jets, Beckham wandered around the stadium to sign jerseys and memorabilia for the Browns fans that were in attendance. When he got to one particular, fan, however, the star receiver was asked if he would sign a body part instead of a piece of clothing. Beckham obliged and autographed the fan's arm.

Obviously, this memorable moment would only last for a short period of time considering that even permanent marker eventually fades. Naturally, the fan figured out a better way to immortalize OBJ's autograph. He went out and had it tattooed on his arm.

What's fascinating is that the original moment of OBJ autographing the fan's arm was posted on the NFL on ESPN Twitter account. In the comments, multiple users immediately made the prediction that this signature would soon be turned into a tattoo, which is exactly what happened.

It may not be the most original idea around, but the Browns fan is not particularly worried. He was able to meet Beckham and now has the proof forever on his arm.


Haters will hate, but the diehard Browns fan will have the last laugh, especially if Beckham continues to shine in this offense while pairing with quarterback Baker Mayfield. If this team makes the playoffs? It will be time to head back to the parlor for some more ink.