Chris Pratt Describes His Love/Hate Relationship With Golf During Putting Practice

Actor Chris Pratt loves the sport of golf, but the Guardians of the Galaxy star also despises it at the same time. He showed this inner battle recently with a post on Instagram. Pratt practiced his putting while joking about his constant struggles with the "abusive" pastime.

"Here's me practicing 9' putts over and over again obsessively because the only way to get better is to practice," Pratt wrote in the caption of his video. "And one of those little putting mats is a great way to pass the time in quarantine. All day you can putt. Just putt putt putt putt putt putt all day long. I know. Question is: Does this putting practice translate to lower scores on the course!? Answer is: Oh hell no. I am still really bad for all the damn time I spend on this game. But... do I enjoy it? Nope. I mean. Kinda?"

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"When it’s good it’s real good (very rarely) but when it’s bad I want to throw my clubs off a bridge. Basically, if any man ever treats my daughter the way golf treats me I will tell her to leave him," Pratt continued. "I wish I was man enough to quit golf. I CANT QUIT YOU! Golf is mean to me. She’s cruel. She’s downright abusive. But I guess... I guess I love her. I guess that’s love. I must love this game. It drives me crazy. And here I am obsessing about it. Posting about it. Oh what a fool you’ve made of me golf. It’s over. We’re done. C’est la vie! Nice knowing ya. It’s fine. I’ll see you tomorrow."

According to an interview Pratt conducted after one round of golf, the best part of his game is the level of enjoyment that he gets from spending time on the course. He said that he appreciates getting to ignore his phone for about four hours. Golf is a pastime that allows him to enjoy being out and doing stuff.


Pratt jokes about his issues with golf, but he has routinely spent time on the course during casual games and charity events alike. He recently shot 93 during a round with Stephen Bishop, which he referred to as a "quest for golf greatness." Additionally, Pratt launched his Amazon collection of top items back in January with a classy golf photo.

Prior to his wedding to Katherine Schwarzenegger, Pratt actually took part in a round with some of his close friends. He joined Rob Lowe, Christopher Schwarzenegger and Johnny Lowe among others at the Sandpiper Golf Club in Santa Barbara. He then headed to the venue to exchange vows with his wife.