Cavaliers' JR Smith Discusses Tattoos, Barack Obama on Kevin Hart's Show 'Cold As Balls'

Comedian Kevin Hart has interviewed several members of NBA royalty during the third season of his Laugh Out Loud show Cold As Balls. He chatted with Chris Paul, Dennis Rodman, Mark Cuban, and Charles Oakley. Now Hart has added another figure to the list after entering the cold tubs with JR Smith.

The former Cleveland Cavaliers star dove deep into the cold tub while explaining why he decided to cover the majority of his body with tattoos. Smith revealed that he never had any interest in getting some ink. He actually fell into this addiction after trying to be a nice brother. His sister wanted a tattoo but was scared, so he offered to get one as well.

As the NBA star revealed, one of the more memorable moments from Smith's career actually came when President Barack Obama told the NBA star to "put on a shirt." The Cavaliers players were walking around in championship t-shirts, but Smith didn't have one. He just decided to keep the movement going, which led to Obama calling him out.

"It was an honor, man, because it was like the acknowledgment from the president," Smith said about the moment. Knowing that he was even on Obama's radar was pretty special.

As a former member of the Cavaliers, Smith spent considerable time with LeBron James. They won an NBA title together, but they were also involved in an infamous moment from the 2018 Finals. Smith grabbed a rebound and dribbled out the clock instead of trying to shoot a potential game-winning shot with fewer than five seconds remaining. As he explained at the time, he thought James was going to take a timeout, but he provided further clarity during the discussion with Hart.

Smith revealed that he was adamant that the Cavaliers were winning after he grabbed the rebound. He mistakenly thought that his team had made a free throw, giving them a one-point advantage. He just tried to run out the clock and secure the victory. However, the game went to overtime where the Cavaliers lost 124-114.

While the NBA was the focal point for much of the episode, Smith and Hart headed to other territories. They talked about family, finances, and even touched upon their different experiences graduating high school and choosing what to do next.


Episodes of Cold As Balls are available on Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel.

(Photo Credit: Laugh Out Loud)